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Eventi Mediatici di Massa

Tutti pazzi per Facebook.
Ma proprio andati, andati.
Dal canto mio: ho aperto un account, ci ho sfrugugliato un pò dentro, poi (con buona pace di tutti) l’ho richiuso.
Lo ritengo davvero poco interessante.
Mi tengo, orgogliosamente, il mio Blog.

Metà e Metà

Which Star Wars Character Are You?

You are part Han Solo. You are a strong, take charge type of person. You know how to use your wit and charm to get whatever you need from anyone and you can also be a tad vain at times. You are a quick thinker and know what to do in any situation. You are popular without trying and have a great life!

You are part Luke Skywalker. You are adventurous and love to be where the action is. Your curiosity runs wild and you have to seek out the answers to all your questions or else you will not be at peace. People see you as a great leader, although you are uncomfortable with this because you don’t see yourself the same way. You just believe in being honest and focusing on the good in the world. You are sweet and lovable and have many friends that would be lost without you.

Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

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